You Don’t Know Mobile

Photo Credit: John Resig

John Resig isn’t your average developer. He created the jQuery JavaScript library. He’s a former evangelist at Mozilla Corporation and currently a tools developer there. He travels and speaks regularly and he’s an author currently working on his second book, viagra saleSecrets of the JavaScript Ninja.”

I recently had a conversation with John about the work he’s doing in the mobile space. Here’s that conversation for your listening pleasure:

Download the mp3 or ogg.

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13 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Mobile

  1. Was looking forward to listening but i don’t see how on my Android phone. Any chance the mobile version of Webstyle will be more Android friendly in future?

  2. @Jim: For the moment I’m just using a WordPress plugin that displays an HTML5 player. If you’ve got suggestions on how to make the mp3/ogg file more accessible to Android users, I’d be more than happy to oblige. Would a direct link to the file suffice?

  3. @Ara: same problem for me (on the standard browser on android 2.1) – a bit ironic in this case ;)

    An additional direct link to the sound file(s) would most definitely be a good thing.

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  7. Thanks for putting this together, Ara and John. It’s nice to see progress being made on sorting out this mess.

    Is it really true that mobile only accounts for 1% of internet traffic? I wonder where that statistic is from, and how to reconcile that with other studies that predict that mobile web usage will overtake the desktop soon (

    In any case, I think a conservative estimate would be that there will be more focus on mobile in the coming years. We’re already seeing an increased interest from everyone from developers to actual users.

  8. Statcounter et al are notoriously bad at reporting mobile stats: a service in English is not going to represent accurate usage in a massive mobile market like Japan.

  9. I see another problem apart from “educating developers”.
    It’s really (I mean really) hard for a company to sell “standard” mobile websites. People (clients) want iPhone and Android web applications. They don’t give a crap about the rest.

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