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We—the makers of the Web—like to do just that: make.

We build sites, store applications, frameworks and tools. We write articles, organize conferences, populate social networks, record podcasts, create blogs, aggregate data, design typefaces, and shoot video. We get a kick out of making things—any type of things. If we’re not making things, we’re changing things.

For me, the non-web thing comes in liquid form. I’ve been making beer for around 8 years, now (and making good beer for over 3).

The hobby is extremely rewarding (you get to drink the results), and I’ve met many different kinds of people through my brewing obsession—a much more diverse group than we web geeks.

Getting started isn’t terribly expensive (you can buy the necessary equipment and ingredients for your first batch for not much more than the equivalent amount of beer), and it’s truly easy to make something drinkable.

You can extend your skills, upgrade your equipment, and hone your knowledge as much or as little as you like, and if you catch the brewing bug, you might just find yourself with a kegerator full of tasty beer—on tap!

So, find your local homebrew shop, or your local brewing club, ask some questions, read, join the community, and get started. Beer wants to be made (and let’s face it: you want to drink it).

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Sean Coates has worked on the Web for over a decade. He has managed teams of developers, developed payment code that processed over $1M per day, and worked as the Editor-in-Chief of php|architect magazine. He is a member of the PHP community, works on the PHP manual, maintains PEAR+PECL code, speaks on the topic of PHP, and contributes to open source projects. Sean publishes thoughts on his blog and posts less significant musings on Twitter as @coates.

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