Green Paint

Editor’s note: For this issue, prescription the talented Mr. Anton Peck has put together a gorgeous wallpaper he’s named “Green Paint.”







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Anton Peck

About Anton Peck

Anton Peck is a designer, illustrator, writer, speaker and family man with the goal of partnering with other designers and developers to enhance their projects (websites, books, presentations, and avatars) with character, personality, and depth via custom illustrations. A portion of these are available to view on his personal website, Anton also produces a (fairly new) podcast called "The Design and Illustration Podcast" (a.k.a. "the dandicast"), which is also available on his website, or can be subscribed to through iTunes. Most of the time, you can find Anton hanging out with all his friends on Twitter. He posts under the name @antonpeck, if your curious. If you would like to reach Anton, feel free to send an email to anton [@] antonpeck [dot] com, and tell him that Webstyle Magazine sent you.

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