Confessions of an IT conference traveller (part 1 of 6)

Packing your hand luggage

Your hand luggage is your safety net to the not that uncommon happenstance of the airline using your luggage (I remember one time arriving on Christmas and having to tell my godson that Santa lost his way in the fog in England which is why the presents take longer). The things I put in my hand luggage are the essentials for travelling:

  • A spare T-shirt and underwear
  • Electricity converters (BA sells wonderful Swiss-made all in one converters that are also USB connectors – so instead of carrying chargers for your mobile gadgets all you need is USB to whatever cables)
  • Basic hygienic items (brush, toothbrush, very wee tooth paste, deodorant, nail clipper, condoms – for the off-chance)
  • Passport and printouts of your destination address and your trips (granted, the latter items can be on your smartphone but how shot are you when you arrive and your battery is flat)
  • Paper handkerchiefs
  • Basic medication pack (acid reflux inhibitors, diarrhoea medication, cold medicine, pain killers if you believe in them – I never took them nilly-willy)
  • A personal entertainment device (this could be your phone – I have an extra iPod that I also use in the gym) with good, *noise cancelling headphones* and adapters for different outlets of the aircraft entertainment system. This is very important to make it an enjoyable flight – especially the noise cancellation is a big plus.

With this you are prepared for most of the things Murphy’s Law will come up with. Make sure you keep the supply steady.

Dressing for the airport travel

Your travel between your humble abode and the airport might be arduous and long and the travel through the airport is even spiked with more obstacles. Therefore dress the occcasion:

  • Layers – T-shirt, zip-up jumper and jacket – this is also important so that you can transfer the contents of your pockets into other pockets at security
  • Light shoes that can be easily taken off
  • Trousers that don’t need a belt to fit – even after a long flight as you don’t want slippage when you arrive (the aforementioned cargos work great).

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  3. 5 Pages with barely any content to the page is annoying. If I didn’t like Chris I wouldn’t have clicked through. I like him less now. I doubt I will make it to part 6 if the format remains the same.

  4. Critiquing an article like this in the comment section is tacky. You don’t like the format? Don’t change the format, Christian. The format is genius. Goddam genius.

  5. @Matthew: and critiquing a comment critiquing an article like this is?

    @Ara: By format I mean the layout across 5 pages to artificially increase page view count. Additionally the HTML structure of the site is such that Readability (basis for Safari Reader feature) cannot find the following pages of content to put this on one page for me either.

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