Confessions of an IT conference traveller (part 1 of 6)

Preparing for travel – the packing phase

If your agenda is like mine and you only have a few days in between trips to be at home I found that having a set of suitcases and pre-packing them is a great time-saver. Your suitcase will be your home away from home and most of the time you won’t even get the chance to unpack, so it is a good idea to organise it.

I used to be all “jet setter” and take off only with my credit card and a smile on my face knowing full well I can buy things wherever I go as places are cheaper than London. This is wasteful, however, as I found myself having far too many things at the end of a few trips (charity shops in my area love me lots).

Choosing the right luggage

Depending on how long your trip is you need different luggage. What you shouldn’t be doing is trying to save money by having cheap luggage and then being in a foul mood as it was a pain to get where you wanted to go.

Massive backpacks are OK for cheap travel and rural adventures but there is nothing more annoying than sitting on a 10 hour flight with your whole back being wet from sweating. And sweat you will if you use public transport.

Retractable handles and wheels are a must – you do not want to carry your bag around. Make sure the handle is sturdy and the wheels are good quality. Bad carry-ons have a wonderful habit of fishtailing when one of the wheels gets stuck and that is not fun when it happens five times at 2am on your way back to your house. The same way it is not fun having to lean on your handle every time you try to make it go back in or play tug-of-war with your luggage if you want to get it out.

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  3. 5 Pages with barely any content to the page is annoying. If I didn’t like Chris I wouldn’t have clicked through. I like him less now. I doubt I will make it to part 6 if the format remains the same.

  4. Critiquing an article like this in the comment section is tacky. You don’t like the format? Don’t change the format, Christian. The format is genius. Goddam genius.

  5. @Matthew: and critiquing a comment critiquing an article like this is?

    @Ara: By format I mean the layout across 5 pages to artificially increase page view count. Additionally the HTML structure of the site is such that Readability (basis for Safari Reader feature) cannot find the following pages of content to put this on one page for me either.

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