Confessions of an IT conference traveller (part 1 of 6)

Christian Heilmann covers the different stages of travelling for IT conferences in this six part series. Be sure to read part two.

“So what did I forget to bring?”

When I was asked to write for this publication the main request was not to write about something technical but about the things that surround the tech world and my experiences in it. Well, remedy my current role as a developer evangelist puts me constantly on the road, read travelling from conference to conference so I agreed to write down a few tricks of the trade that keep me sane (some people would argue describing me as sane but my 12 foot green hippo friend George agrees with me that they are wrong) despite my ridiculous agenda.

If you have seen the movie “Up in the air” with George Clooney you can get a feeling of how my life is – except that I travel internationally rather than only in the US. There are more inaccuracies in the movie which I will cover later – for now let’s just say that George did a good job trying to be like me but didn’t manage to be as sexy.

What I will write about now and in the future

This series of articles will cover the different stages of travelling for IT conferences:

  • Part 1: “So what did I forget to bring?” (this part) tells you about how to pack, sovaldi sale what to take with you and how to get to the airport
  • Part 2: “Dealing with discomfort and public humiliation” covers your experiences at airports
  • Part 3: “God I wished I had packed tranquilliser blow darts” covers the journey in the air
  • Part 4: “Parlez-vous Anglais?” – travel from the airport to the hotel
  • Part 5: “Checkout at 11” – going to the conference and back to the hotel
  • Part 6: “Here’s my business card” – travel back and conference follow-up

Before we begin, I think I have to point out a few things that may skew the usefulness of these tips and tricks for you:

  • I am a male geek which means that the breadth of my fashion sense and need to accessorise is rather limited. Sometimes I go wild and iron my t-shirts but it is not a very common happenstance.
  • I live in London, England (North of the river) and this is normally my home port for my travels. It being very much an international air-travel hub makes it a bit easier for me than coming from rural areas to the next airport. This also means that my modes of transport might not apply to you.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Chris Heilmann

About Chris Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and worked his way through several agencies up to Yahoo where he delivered Yahoo Maps Europe and Yahoo Answers. He’s written two and contributed to three books on JavaScript, web development and accessibility, lead distributed teams as a manager and made them work with one another and released dozens of online articles and hundreds of blog posts in the last few years. He’s been nominated standards champion of the year 2008 by .net magazine in the UK and currently sports the fashionable job title “International Developer Evangelist” spending his time going from conference to conference and university to university to speak and train people on systems provided by Yahoo and other web companies that want to make this web thing work well for everybody.

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  3. 5 Pages with barely any content to the page is annoying. If I didn’t like Chris I wouldn’t have clicked through. I like him less now. I doubt I will make it to part 6 if the format remains the same.

  4. Critiquing an article like this in the comment section is tacky. You don’t like the format? Don’t change the format, Christian. The format is genius. Goddam genius.

  5. @Matthew: and critiquing a comment critiquing an article like this is?

    @Ara: By format I mean the layout across 5 pages to artificially increase page view count. Additionally the HTML structure of the site is such that Readability (basis for Safari Reader feature) cannot find the following pages of content to put this on one page for me either.

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