Geek chic done right

Laptop bags get a bad rap. Sure they are functional, illness but fashionable they are not. I have been searching for the perfect laptop bag – practical and oh so chic! – ever since I bought my laptop, implant
and I have been unsuccessful, and ended up settling for a tote that is less than functional (seriously, the zipper doesn’t even close when my laptop is in it). So what’s a chic girl to do? Well luckily for all you fashionistas, designers have embraced chic geeks and designed bags where fashionable meets functional when it comes to carrying all your gadgets.

Badgley Mischka

A beautiful and fabulous Badgley Mischka laptop bag! This chic buttery soft tote is practical enough to carry your gadgets and gizmos, but stylish enough to take with you wherever you need without it screaming “I’m a laptop!” Bonus: wear it across your body for a slouchy look perfect for weekends or when running errands.

Marc Jacobs

If laptop sleeves are more your style, Marc Jacobs has designed a collection of funky cases that are sure to get you noticed. Bonus: they are very affordable (at $80 a pop, you won’t go broke trying to look fab)!


Dress up your laptop with a splash of colour. The Coach Poppy Laptop Case gives new life to the designer brand, breaking away from the iconic print.


When Apple’s latest creation hit the market, it was uncertain what its lifespan would be. But it’s quite obvious now that the iPad is here to stay. With the tech world accepting the new gadget, it was no surprise that the fashion world soon followed.

Salvatore Ferregamo and Louis Vuitton were the first to come out with iPad cases.

Trying to separate itself from the pack, DvF created a collection of cases for the Kindle in her signature funky prints.

So no matter what your gadget of choice, you can seek comfort in the fact that there are plenty of chic options to help you tote them around.

How to not look like your mom packed your bags

So you’re the go-to-guy in the company when it comes to the web, sale the young hotshot who’s being sent all across the country, treatment racking up as many air miles as Ryan Bingham in the process. The life of the jetset takes an inevitable toll on your luggage, ascariasis and while you’re going to be needing something tough and rugged, the notion of actually looking good when you’re walking up to the check-in counter is extremely important.

Buying your luggage at a shopping mall is the first sign that something is irrevocably wrong. The following is a list of sure bets when it comes to traveling in style…

Head Porter Tanker Garment Bag

Head Porter

The Tanker lineup has been Japan-based Head Porter’s staple series since the 80’s and to this day shows no signs of letting up. Not only is the design brilliant, but they’re continuously innovating their products to include models that meet the modern man’s needs. The 100% Nylon Satin is exclusively made for Porter, and the bag features everything from double handles, shoulder straps and heavy duty zippers. The good folks at Head Porter even thought about durability by making it low-maintenance and abrasion resistant. The best feature by far (for me), is the bonus shoe bag, not only for the practicality of separating your white shirts and dirty soled shoes, but the well deserved credit for thinking of such a detail.

Filson Passage Garment Bag


Filson’s Tin Cloth Luggage Collection features pieces fit for hauling shooting and field gear, they easily double as everyday bags. Made from sturdy, fast-drying Nylon, they are half the weight and roughly half the cost of their oil finish 2 ply by 3 ply, rugged cotton twill counterparts (tote aside), while keeping the same high quality U.S. manufacturing process. If this collection is a little too casual for you, check out their new Passage Luggage Collection.


Visvim Ballistic 20 Backpack


The ultimate in backpacks, ask anyone who knows anything and they’ll tell you Visvim is miles ahead of everyone else. Their Ballistic backpacks are heralded not only for their audacious style, but for their extreme use of high quality materials and exclusiveness in the North American market.

So now you have no excuse for looking like a traveling train wreck. Invest in your travel gear and the next time you’re standing in that long line at customs, you’ll at least be comforted by the thought that you look sharp.

For more insight into how a seasoned pro travels, see Christian Heilmann’s series “Confessions of an IT conference traveller